Your new go to app

InformationM8 uses InformationLeader capabilities to capture, manage, and report on business information for organisations that operate in highly regulated industries.

InformationM8 Features

Supporting a mobile workforce in remote data capture, while adhering to strict data capture and security requirements present in heavily regulated industries.

Improve Your Business

Our aim is always to present an undeniable value proposition, where an investment in our software results clear, quantifiable benefits to our customers. Having an offline, mobile application is a very clear way that businesses can reduce administrative overhead, eliminate double entry or remotely captured data, and increase data accuracy.

The Ultimate User Experience

Mobile applications for data entry are becoming a standard for many scenarios and InformationM8 allows us to meet these changing requirements.

Deliver Efficiencies

Picklists, pictures, automated calculations and the elimination of data re-entry means that entering data is not only more accurate but it is significantly faster than existing manual processes.

Deliver Data Accuracy

InformationM8 provides smart offline and online data capture forms that automate calculations and guide data entry to increase the accuracy of captured data.